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Marketing Mondays - Buying Into a Buying Group
Buying Into a Buying Group

Most of our Marketing Mondays tactics revolve around building a customer base and increasing revenue, but there is another side to this equation that doesn’t often get mentioned: reducing your costs and using those opportunities to build a customer base. Buying into a buying group can make more than common sense; it can make financial and marketing sense.

Marketing Mondays - Dialing for Connections
Dialing for Connections

Somewhere between keeping up with your retail or wholesale business, making sure your images are Instagram and Pinterest-worthy, and making sure you’re creating beautifully merchandised displays, we’ve forgotten a powerful marketing tools that isn’t even a marketing tool at all: the telephone.

Marketing Mondays - 3 Double-Duty Marketing Pieces
3 Double-Duty Marketing Pieces to Update Today

New Year's Day is a day many people set aside for making annual goals, but the middle of the year is also a good time to take stock of a lot of things. How did you do the first half of the year? What marketing tactics did you use and how did they perform? Are your marketing materials up-to-date as you head into the crucial fourth quarter?

Marketing Mondays - Build a Marketing Tribe
Build a Marketing Tribe

As business owners, we know our close friends and those in the business are among the best to offer recommendations on everything from new trends to what marketing tactics really work. Informal networks are great, but I've found formal networks not only garner better results but new ideas and some accountability. This is why I'm a fan of creating or joining a network tribe.

Marketing Mondays - Creating Your Own Awards Season
Creating Your Own Awards Season

Do you know someone local who deserves recognition? Or, do you think you’re worthy of an award? Why not create an annual award and encourage submissions while also applying for awards you feel would bring attention to your business?