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2017 Essential Resources
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Marketing Mondays - How to Hit a Six-Figure Sales Goal

This month we’re going to stray a bit from our traditional Marketing Monday posts so we can focus on setting and hitting goals that increase your bottom line.

Marketing Mondays - What’s Your Point of Differentiation?

Coco Chanel’s camellia flower is practically synonymous with the luxury brand that bears her name. Not only is the flower featured on handbags and jewelry designs, but in some cases, a camellia flower with ribbons graces the nicely wrapped box that the purchase comes in. It’s all part of Chanel’s mystique, and since each camellia is handmade, it makes the customer feel valued. What is your business known for? What unique thing do you do or offer your customers so they remember you?

Marketing Mondays - Make Time for Time

Ask any entrepreneur what they feel they need to become more successful, and while money is often cited, it’s actually time.

Marketing Mondays - How One Retailer Uses Instagram to Connect With Customers

For the last two weeks, we've explored why independent retailers should be using Instagram as part of a winning social media marketing strategy and looked at how to get started on Instagram. This week, we're going to get some insider insight from an Instagram pro!

Marketing Mondays - 3 New People Who Will Help Grow Your Business

We all get bogged down by the minutiae of running a business. Finding new products, managing employees, meeting with reps, and creating new displays leave precious little time for networking. But, this month’s challenge is just that: Identify three new people who can help you grow your business this year. Consider them your business coaches.