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2017 Essential Resources
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Marketing Mondays - Put Your Service to the Test

We've all have heard that great customer service is the key to success. This is true in any type of business, especially our niche of small, specialty retail stores. We know we can’t compete with the “big guys” on price. Our edge is in offering the best possible shopping experience, in which customers are valued and assisted by intelligent, knowledgeable staff.

Marketing Mondays - Forget About Press Releases. Opt For Pitches!

Last year we discussed sending out press releases and tip sheets to reporters as a way to drum up media interest for your independent retail store. The advantage is you can send the same info to many reporters at the same time; the disadvantage is you send the same info to many reporters at the same time. So, how can you secure editorial coverage for your specialty shop? You learn the art of pitching a reporter or producer.

Marketing Mondays - 3 Ways You Can Get Your Products in the Hands of a Celebrity

There isn’t a day that goes by that we’re not bombarded with celebrity news. Those celebrities are often decked out in glittering jewels, beautiful clothing, or holding their children decked out in darling outfits. How do you get your products in their hands and what does that mean for business? Do people really care what celebrities are wearing?

Marketing Mondays - What’s Your Point of Differentiation?

Coco Chanel’s camellia flower is practically synonymous with the luxury brand that bears her name. Not only is the flower featured on handbags and jewelry designs, but in some cases, a camellia flower with ribbons graces the nicely wrapped box that the purchase comes in. It’s all part of Chanel’s mystique, and since each camellia is handmade, it makes the customer feel valued. What is your business known for? What unique thing do you do or offer your customers so they remember you?

Marketing Mondays - 5 Ways to Appeal to All 5 Senses

As independent gift and home retailers and wholesalers, we’re accustomed to focusing on our products and displays as much as the customer experience we offer—or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. More often than not, searching for those perfect products and displaying them takes up more of our time than making the customer experience one they won’t soon forget.