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2017 Essential Resources
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Marketing Mondays - 10 Ways To Grow Your Pinterest Account in 30 Days

Last week we discussed why Pinterest can be a good platform to grow your independent retail business. This week we’ll cover 10 ways to grow your Pinterest account and next week we’ll share an interview with a Pinterest queen.

Marketing Mondays - 3 New People Who Will Help Grow Your Business

We all get bogged down by the minutiae of running a business. Finding new products, managing employees, meeting with reps, and creating new displays leave precious little time for networking. But, this month’s challenge is just that: Identify three new people who can help you grow your business this year. Consider them your business coaches.

Marketing Mondays - How to Hit a Six-Figure Sales Goal

This month we’re going to stray a bit from our traditional Marketing Monday posts so we can focus on setting and hitting goals that increase your bottom line.

Make Your Store a Community Resource

A lot of lip service is played these days to “being part of the community,” yet many independent retailers often don’t go beyond making a product donation to their little league’s fundraiser or participating in a group ad with neighboring businesses. Both of these actions are fine, but why not step it up and start presenting your business as the “go to” source for everything from unique gift ideas to what’s happening in your neighborhood?

Marketing Mondays - Marketing Comeback Kids

Remember when we were told email marketing would mean the death of direct mail? And Facebook posts would replace email marketing? Surprise! Both direct mail and email newsletters are very much alive and well. Actually, it’s not that surprising considering we all consume information in different ways.

If you’ve abandoned your direct mail or email newsletter, you may want to reconsider. If you still use either or both, this year’s goal is to ramp it up.