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2017 Essential Resources
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Marketing Mondays - How Pinterest Can Propel Independent Retailers

Pinterest, the popular social media platform that lets "pinners" organize, collect, and share things they find interesting, is also a key marketing platform for independent retailers—one you should be using on a daily basis. How exactly does Pinterest translate into sales? According to Shopify, 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan for purchases and the average order is $50, higher than any other major social media platform.

Marketing Mondays - 2 Unexpected Ways to Build Community

What do a big city library and a real estate agent have in common with an indie retailer? Each provides a service, for one, but also, each helps build a community. How we build community helps build our brand and sets us apart in our customers’ eyes as not just another gift shop but “my local indie gift shop.”

Spread the Good Word

Let’s face it: Marketing is usually all about you. Well, at least about your business and enticing more customers to shop with you. But, marketing doesn’t have to be just about that; you can do good for your community while also spreading the good word about your business. How? It’s called cause marketing: the combined efforts of a for-profit business and a charitable cause—a nonprofit organization—for their mutual benefit. It can also be called social responsibility marketing.

Marketing Mondays - 3 New People Who Will Help Grow Your Business

We all get bogged down by the minutiae of running a business. Finding new products, managing employees, meeting with reps, and creating new displays leave precious little time for networking. But, this month’s challenge is just that: Identify three new people who can help you grow your business this year. Consider them your business coaches.

Marketing Mondays - 3 Ways to Conquer the “Just Looking” Dragon

We’re now in our critical fourth quarter, moving from long-term marketing strategies to practical sales techniques to maximize our time on the floor. Today’s Marketing Monday exercise looks at how to engage the customers who are “just looking.”