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Fountain of Youth

One thing is well known in retail: Acquiring a new customer costs at least three times as much as selling to an existing customer base. At Journeys of Life in Pittsburgh, we believe our customers of tomorrow are already shopping in our stores today. We just may not see them that way ... yet.

Marketing Mondays - Laughter Is the Best Marketing

It’s common marketing knowledge that repetition helps customers remember your brand. Make the impact of your marketing efforts even stronger with humor.

Marketing Monday - How to Plan Your Fourth Quarter Events Like a Rock Star

For many independent retailers, August tends to be a bit quieter in terms of traffic (unless you’re in a heavy tourist location). However, this month is integral to planning successful holiday special events for the all-important fourth quarter, which kicks off in less than a month!

Marketing Mondays - Investing Your Advertising Dollars

While there are many free and low-cost ways to market your business, there comes a time when you have to pay to market and support your business. To be sure, advertising is not inexpensive, but if thoughtfully considered as part of an overall marketing and business plan, it can be very profitable for any business. The challenge, as with any marketing strategy and tactic, is to know where to invest your advertising dollars.

Marketing Mondays - Dialing for Connections

Somewhere between keeping up with your retail or wholesale business, making sure your images are Instagram and Pinterest-worthy, and making sure you’re creating beautifully merchandised displays, we’ve forgotten a powerful marketing tools that isn’t even a marketing tool at all: the telephone.