Benjamin International

Benjamin International


With over 6,000 products, we have a lot going on here at Benjamin International! Some of the products are imported from around the world and some are designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America.

In our many travels to exotic places like Nepal, Indonesia, and India, we take great care in selecting the finest and most meaningful products to bring back. Most of the products are handcrafted in emerging markets by artisans and are made with positive intentions, which are then delivered to your doorstep! Each traditional craft or product has its own special nuances and beauty.

By carefully selecting who we import from, we are assisting in creating thriving markets in developing countries as well as supplying these unique pieces to our customers. Since we are exposed to so many innovative ideas and design motifs through our travels, we always return with the knowledge and inspiration to then apply to our own pieces. With the global exposure from various artists, we have created several lines of gift and jewelry items and manufacture these goods on American soil, promoting America's economy and our own artisans. ​

Our Mission: We act as a conduit for global artisans, connecting them with independent retailers and cultural institutions. With a strong emphasis on design and fair dealings, we are happy to provide hand-picked goods to the spiritual business owner.

Our Vision: Benjamin International is dedicated to creating and selecting inspirational and meaningful gifts from all over the world to create a positive impact.

Our Product Range: Wholesale, New Age, Jewelry, Tapestries, Candles, Inspirational, Incense, Meditation, Clothing, Accessories, Gifts, Scents, Toys, Pendants, Stones, Embroidered, Om, Yoga, Mandala, Peace, Fair Trade, Home Décor, Wellness, Healing, Beads, Semiprecious, Handcrafted