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Llewellyn Worldwide


As the world’s largest independent publisher of books and resources, Llewellyn Worldwide has been dedicated to bringing its customers the very best since 1901. Llewellyn produces a full line of products, including books, calendars, tarot and oracle decks, and crystals and other sidelines. Topics range from meditation and yoga to earth-based spirituality, paranormal experiences, astrology, modern magic, and much more.

Built on a foundation of expertise, creativity, customer satisfaction, and marketing innovation, Llewellyn continues to provide its customers with insightful approaches to holistic wellness and personal growth. With a strong presence in e-books, phone apps, and social media, Llewellyn continues to be a market leader in the body, mind, and spirit digital space.

In addition to publishing an impressive catalog of products, Llewellyn is also the exclusive North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo, an Italian publisher of tarot decks and metaphysical products. In 2014, Llewellyn became a major North American distributor for Blue Angel, an Australian publisher of mind, body, spirit oracle decks and books.

Our Mission: ​To serve the trade and consumers worldwide with options and tools for exploring new worlds of mind, body, and spirit, thereby aiding in the quests of expanded human potential, spiritual consciousness, and planetary awareness.

Our Vision: ​To be the world's leading provider of works for personal growth and the transformation of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Our Product Range: ​Paganism, Self-Help, Books, Tarot, Astrology, Magic, Paranormal, Calendars, Datebooks, Almanacs, Tarot Decks, Pagan Books, Astrology Reports, Parapsychology, Wicca, Witchcraft, Divination, Health, Healing, Gifts, Accessories, Magick