Love Lingo

Love Lingo

Making the world a better more loving place is my mission. 3+ years ago I learned of a scientific study done on water and words. It took photos of water under a microscope to show the effect that words can have on the molecular structure of water. Positive words, positive effects on the structure, creating beautiful photos. Negative not beautiful! The human body consists of 60% water, since words effect water we need positive words on us!

Having personally witnessed the positive effects over the last 3 years. I am now sharing the greatness with the world with Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories. In 6 short months Love Lingo has become a movement in SW Wisconsin area and not just a business or product! Teachers are wearing them to school to make a positive influence on their students. Others wear to Yoga, meditation, work or even sleep. Become part of the movement, like, share, wear and sell Love Lingo. Shirts are printed front and back so surrounded by goodness!

All products are energetically cleansed with sea salt and Reiki enchanced.

Our Product Range: Positive apparel and accessories