Tina's Natural Products

Tina's Natural Products

Our mission is to create natural products infused with purposeful intention using only authentic ingredients that have been used in purification rituals and well-being since ancient times. Feel confident offering products created by a therapist and spiritual, energy clearing specialist to purge stale, stagnant, stuck, negative energy from yourself, dwelling, work, business, or even items worn or used by another. Over exposure and accumulation of such negative energies may lead to an unhealthy imbalance of emotion, mind, spirit and the physical body.

Cleansing of the aura and chakras are easy to do, with out convenient sprays and roll-on scents designed for peace of mind and everyday protection. So regardless of whether you want to cleanse, mend or strengthen the auric field, balance and align the chakra energy centers, start a new ritual of energy cleansing, or use Tina's Natural Products support blends that are specifically developed for common, everyday uses, we make it easy to do, without fuss or large investment. You will notice the difference our proven products make, because natural solutions really do matter for a healthier lifestyle.

Our Product Range: Aura Cleanse®, Chakra Cleanse®, energy cleansing sprays, pure essential oil blends, floral waters, aroma diffusing jewelry, car diffusers, personal on-the-go misters.