5 Savvy Tips to Boost Your Average Sale

by : 

Jacki Smith

October 1, 2010

Every customer who walks through your door is a spin of the roulette wheel. Left to their own devices, they could purchase $2 worth of incense, a $100 necklace, or just walk out. Here are some strategies that cost little or nothing but can stack the sales odds in your favor with every customer.

#1: Grab their attention!

Displays that thrill, fill, and spill create best-sellers for your store. Thrill your customers with something that catches their eye and pulls their attention to your display. Use color—bold and bright are best. Fill your display up with merchandise to tease every sense. The more to smell, touch, and see, the more enticing your display. Spill your display décor onto lower displays and even onto the floor with larger items. Thrilling, filling, and spilling pull your customers’ eyes through the entire display and increase their excitement to buy.

#2: Stack it high and watch it fly!

Sparse, picked-over displays guarantee your items will be ignored. We are a culture of full grocery shelves, bulk buying, and abundance. Keep your store looking abundant, or you will limit your potential multi-item sales. When trying out a new item, buy three, not one. With one, you’ll have an empty space after just one sale. When you aren’t sure, ask yourself, are you in business to just make it or are you in business to make it big? Full shelves make it big.

#3: Don’t let your shelves do all the talking!

Shelf talkers are great, but they can never replace good suggestive selling. Have your staff pick an item every week to learn about and suggest to every customer who comes in. Have a competition: The employee who sells the most of a chosen item wins a pair of movie passes. A $20 prize for upselling can bring in hundreds of dollars in additional sales.

#4: Upscale it, baby!

Are you heavy on $1 to $5 items? Are you so focused on value that you forget the unique quality only a small boutique like yours can supply? You may subsist on the $20 sale, but the $100 to $200 sale is what makes you profitable. Bring in higher-end goods and one-of-a-kind items from local or national artists, and educate your customers about their value. Many customers are looking to splurge and will save up for that magical, mystical work of art.

#5: Keep it moving and keep it clean!

Every store owner has put old merchandise in a new display and heard, “When did you get these?” When you keep displays moving, your attention and experimentation keep your customers—and you—interested in the great products you sell. And don’t forget cleanliness. Dust is the enemy. Go for sparkling!

Jacki Smith is the founder and enchantress of Coventry Creations (www.coventrycreations.com). Jacki’s continual study of the retail market helps her help her customers stay in business. Her favorite saying to her customers is “Your success is my success,” and she lives it every day.