4 Ways to Create Your Own Buzz

by : 

Megy Karydes

January 12, 2015
Marketing Mondays - Free Press

How many of us check our smartphones for the news of the day, scroll through Facebook and Twitter for updates on world affairs, or use Yelp to find a restaurant recommendation?

Today’s online tools make it easy to access the latest information and share our own news. It’s painlessly simple and something every business should be doing on a regular basis. This week, commit to doing one new thing to help you get your news out and create some buzz for your business. Here are four ideas you can use as a checklist to help make sure you’re taking advantage of free ways to get the word out about your store:


Blogging lets you control your message and brand, and it allows you the bandwidth to help your customers (and prospects) get to know and trust you over a period of time. If you don’t already have a blog and want to give it a shot, don’t commit to posting daily. It won’t happen, and you’ll get frustrated and never blog again. Instead, choose a day of the week and post just on that day. Your customers will look forward to your posts without feeling overwhelmed.

Write blogs and/or e-newsletter articles for complementary businesses. Are you a jewelry retailer or manufacturer? Offer to write about upcoming trends you’re seeing for a shoe retailer or manufacturer. If you don’t feel your writing is strong, offer photos instead. The point is to provide relevant, quality information so businesses you reach out to will see the added value you offer their readership.


Post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Make sure Yelp, Swarm (formerly Foursquare), and LinkedIn have your most up-to-date information. Each of these sites is different, appeal to different audiences, and serve a different purpose. While some apps allow you to push out content to many of these sites, be cautious about using that option. Having said that, you don’t need to update each social site regularly, but you should at least have a presence there. For example, if you’re not going to be posting on Instagram, at least secure your company’s name on the social media platform so when people do post a picture on the site, they can easily find and tag you.

Print is READ

Offer to write bylined articles in your local newspaper or magazine. Traditional media is a great way for people to learn what is happening in their local communities and their niche interests. I rarely advocate writing for free, but in this case, you’re actually writing in exchange for publicity, so your payment will come in the form of exposure. Reach out to a monthly magazine or weekly newspaper that covers your local community news. Contact the editor and offer to write a regular trend piece (or whatever you feel would make sense). Keep in mind that the editor will want to see some of your past work, so if you don’t already have clips (stories you’ve already written in other outlets), you’ll have to create sample articles in advance and/or point them to your blog. No editor will give up precious ink real estate to a newbie if they don’t have a history of writing or have a clue what deadlines mean.


Not everyone is a good writer or has interest in writing, and that’s fine, too. If you’re more visual, shoot some short videos and post them on YouTube. Smartphones offer video capabilities that let you directly publish to YouTube. Create your own YouTube channel, encourage customers to subscribe, and let your personality shine. Don’t forget, Instagram and Twitter also offer video capabilities, so your short piece could extend to more than one social media outlet and can be shared across multiple channels easily.

There are many ways available to get the word out about our businesses and encourage engagement with our customers and prospects. Which of these suggestions do you feel you can commit to regularly? Send me a tweet @megy and use #marketingmondays in your response!

Megy Karydes is principal of Karydes Consulting, a boutique marketing and communications firm and freelance writer who often covers retail for various magazines. She likes her calendars, whether digital or on paper, and has her editorial calendar pinned to her board in her office to remind her what day it is! Find her on Twitter at @megy.