Become a Destination ... for Something Else

by : 

Megy Karydes

September 7, 2015
Marketing Mondays - Become a Destination

Most independent retail shops and wholesalers don’t have a lot of extra space, but is there a way to be creative with the space you do have and create another reason for your business to become a destination?

A local Chicago furniture and home accessory shop near me started a Little Free Library right outside their shop. Best of all, they used one of their own pieces of furniture to house the books! Not only does it help drive traffic to their location, but their commitment to reading gives shoppers another reason to feel good about shopping at this store.

Even if you don’t sell furniture pieces like this, you can always buy or make your own version of their Little Free Library and place it near your business to help drive traffic to your shop.

Another option is to serve as a drop-off center for things like batteries and ink cartridges to be recycled, a place for UPS or FedEx boxes, or a pick-up location for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. Or, arrange for a company to come and shred old documents in front of your business once a month as a community service.

The idea is to create more reasons for people to interact with you and your business. The best way to do that is to be as much a part of the community as possible. Most of us are already involved in nonprofits and on the board of our local chamber of commerce, and those are great, too. But, those aren’t always as visible to our customers on a daily basis.

Services like the Little Free Library also appeal to a broad age group. Young children with board books can enjoy it as much as older customers do. Serving as a drop-off or pick-up location for various services makes your business that much more valued, because time-crunched customers are always looking for ways to do more with less time.

These ideas are by no means exhaustive, but meant to help you think about what other ways your business could become more than just one type of destination for your customers.

Megy Karydes is principal of Karydes Consulting, a boutique marketing and communications firm and freelance writer who often covers retail for various magazines. She likes her calendars, whether digital or on paper, and has her editorial calendar pinned to her board in her office to remind her what day it is! Find her on Twitter at @megy.