The Little Book of Healthy Beauty: Simple Daily Habits to Get You Glowing

The Little Book of Healthy Beauty

Pina LoGiudice, N.D., LAc

$15 P, 9780399176937

Naturuopath and acupuncturist Pina LoGuidice's new book on complete health, The Little Book of Healthy Beauty has a decidedly feminine touch, but any reader will benefit from this easy-to-carry volume of wellness, which covers every topic—from the broad subject of sleep to the guts of healthy digestion, or inner peace of mind to inner strength of supplements.

Dr. LoGuidice is a gifted and multi-disciplined holistic practitioner who shares her extensive training and wisdom of chemical-free living in today’s challenging world of consumerism. The Little Book of Healthy Beauty will stir up readers by raising consciousness with personal questions, all of which are addressed in each chapter. She redefines the over-played topic of detoxification by listing myriad everyday toxins—natural supplements, GMO’s, medications, mold, inferior drinking water, and interior air pollution (carpeting and gas stoves, to name two). Another chapter is dedicated to supplements and "hormonal harmony," which addresses the many stages of the life cycle.

The Little Book of Healthy Beauty will help you get glowing from the inside out by raising your awareness of your lifestyle and guiding you to making simple, lasting, and life-enhancing changes.

July 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Allyson Gracie