The Abandonment Recovery Workbook

The Abandonment Recovery Workbook

Susan Anderson

$24.95 P, 9781608684274
New World Library

There are all kinds of abandonment wounds, some carried from childhood, some happening in the current moment. Drawing from her 30 years in the field of abandonment recovery, in addition to the experience of her own devastating loss, Anderson has created a step-by-step protocol to help people work through the five stages of healing from abandonment and reclaim their lives and their emotional well-being.

The workbook is designed to be used on the reader’s terms, not to add stress by imposing someone else's process on this very personal, heart-wrenching situation. It is interactive and supported by Anderson’s website, There are checklists for taking personal inventories, questions to guide the reader through their inner emotional states, visualization exercises, and suggested actions to aid recovery. There is also an appendix at the end with detailed instructions for setting up an abandonment support group.

Timely and profoundly supportive, this workbook cuts through the fog of loss to deal with this core issue of grieving and offers readers a lifeline they can mold to fit their individual needs as they make their way back to solid ground and a productive life.

August 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski