Yoga Meditations: A Musical Journey

Yoga Meditations


Real Music

Yoga Meditations is one of the finest Indian-fusion recordings in recent memory. Sublime tones and drones from Tibetan temple bells and gongs meld with Indian instrumentation (bansuri, sitar, tanpura, santoor, sarangi, and esraj) as well as piano and cello, and the result is a recording perfectly suited for deep relaxation, creative imaging, or massage. Ocean wave sounds between the seven tracks serves as a wonderful bridge from piece to piece. Even the track titles are poetry: “A Tradition of Harmony,” “The Circle Begins Where the Circle Ends,” “Stream of Stillness,” “As in Three, So in One.” The album is bliss incarnate—one of Real Music’s best.

June 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Bill Binkelman