The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar

The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions

Greg Marcus, Ph.D.

$16.99 P, 9780738748658

The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions embodies a traditional Jewish spiritual practice of transformation. The author of this auspicious book, Greg Marcus, Ph.D., is a recovering workaholic, driven to overproduce and now attempting to save other chronically overworked employees from a life of corporate drudgery, one soul at a time.

Working backwards, Marcus opens his book with the question, "How do you want to be remembered?" It's a question that doesn’t really require an answer, so much as an attitude or way of being, which he describes. While the content of his unique book is familiar to readers on a spiritual path, his perspective has a decidedly scientific bent to it and yet his approach is down to earth and practical. The Spiritual Practice of Good Action will help discerning readers balance the chaos and necessary order of their lives through the daily practice of very realistic good actions that lead to transformation.

September 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Allyson Gracie