Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of the World’s Great Historic Sites

Spirit Traveler

Sonja Grace

$17.99 P, 9781844096947
Findhorn Press

Traveling non-physically to eight of the worlds most famous ancient sacred sites, Sonja Grace offers us information scientists and historians are unable to provide. She believes the small group of humans who created these sacred sites had gifts of sensory perception the current human race is only now beginning to recognize. She describes it as people being aided by star beings. Readers may prefer to think of it as access to intuitive, universal wisdom from what Jung called "the collective unconscious." However it is defined, the insight she provides is fascinating

Grace begins each section by separating physical fact from fiction, recounting the legends, analyzing their sources and motivations, and then providing the facts that can be verified to date.

Next, she recounts her personal experience in meditation. Transported back through time by spirit guides, she experiences standing on the site of Stonehenge, feeling the raw energy of the place before the stones were moved there. She is given insight into the shifting of continents and subsequent destruction of civilizations and into the influx of cosmic rays (something many of us are being told about currently). She watches as a high priestess calls forth the goddess from the waters of Saint Winefride’s Well, meets with the King of Unster at Cashel Rock, and is introduced to a jaguar totem animal at Chichen Itza.

Whether readers believe in out-of-body travel or not, this is a densely rendered portrait of ancient sacred sites, painted with a combination of science, history, and metaphysical research.

September 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski