Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents)

Sitting Still Like a Frog

Eline Snel

$17.95 P, 9781611800586

Almost two decades ago, Snel created an exercise to help her five-year-old daughter get out of her head and into her belly where no anxious thoughts abided. The meditation she came up with is the first one (Sleep Tight) on the accompanying CD to Sitting Still Like a Frog. When her daughter reached the age of 12, they shared an experience that imprinted the power of just sitting and breathing on them both. The frog exercise, which teaches children to turn their attention to their breathing, followed.

Written for children, this book never talks down to children. It is actually very sophisticated despite its target audience. Snel’s goal is to firmly root children in the here and now so they are better able to handle the increasing stress load we are all experiencing. It will be especially beneficial for children with low self-esteem who are in danger of getting “trapped in behavioral patterns that don’t serve them.”

Additionally, there are exercises that teach children to deal with worries, anger, attention, eating, listening, and unkindness. Highly creative and written with a nonjudgemental tone, this special little book shows parents how to begin teaching their children to manage their emotional states starting at a very young age.

October 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski