How to Slay Distractions ... Especially on Social Media!

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Megy Karydes

October 10, 2016
Marketing Mondays - How to Slay Distractions

Last week we discussed planning your work to help increase sales. The number one complaint I get about not being able to plan is that things are too busy to add even one more thing to the mix, so planning gets set aside.

But, is it possible that you’re too busy being … busily distracted?

This came up during one of my consulting calls with a client. She’s been chatting with some fellow retailers about starting a project that may or may not benefit her business. It’s a new line, something not completely in line with her business, but her friend wants her to work on it so … she is. I pressed her to find out how much time it was taking and it was close to 10 hours a week! Then I asked her what else she feels takes up her time and she cited things like Facebook. (That would be fine if she was using Facebook to market her business, but she wasn’t. She was catching up with girlfriends.)

And there, my friends, is the problem. We may be busy, but are we busy working on things that will help us grow our business? Social media is here to help—not hinder.

Some will see links to articles friends share on Facebook or Twitter and want to read them right now or they’ll forget about it. Others will take a photo or video to post to social media later. Stop! We need a plan! Trust me. Don’t waste your time on social media if it’s not helping you grow your business.

Here are three things that might help you slay social media distractions:

  • For those of us who love to read what our friends share online, Pocket helps you save it to read or see later.
  • For those of us addicted to websites that get in the way, like Facebook, Pinterest, and even news sites, and don’t have the discipline to not go on, KeepMeOut does exactly that: It keeps you out. It doesn’t let you into the site(s) until your time deadline expires. So let’s say you need to finish this order and it’ll take you about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. You set your timer to 45 minutes, and if you try to get onto that site, KeepMeOut will not allow you in until your time runs out.
  • I realize many readers aren’t likely to be big SnapChat users, but for those who want to explore new technology or just like to know what’s going on in the social media space, Snapchat's first wearable technology product is coming soon: Spectacles. Spectacles are being called the sunglasses of our future. Film your memories with them! The reason I like this product is it saves time by not having to open up yet another social media page, video, try it again, and then post, include the proper hashtags, etc. Spectacles seems to limit your distractions and allows users to be more authentic with their customers.

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