The Intuitive Dance: Building, Protecting, and Clearing Your Energy

The Intuitive Dance

Atherton Drenth

$16.99 P, 9780738747989
Llewellyn Publications

Accomplished medical intuitive and holistic energy practitioner Atherton Drenth offers a go-to-guide to energy work that can be done at home. The Intuitive Dance gives readers techniques and practices to utilize the innate intuitive abilities they already possess, while learning to "dance" with the ego and find a state of calm by reducing anxiety and living in relative peace and contentedness.

Drenth’s material is well-organized with a gentle but firm tone, starting with the ego, the source of everyone’s pain. Each chapter is a blend of her personal history, energy or emotional concepts and facts, self-questions, and simple methods to try at home. One such method is “The Vertical Axis” technique, which employs visualization to connect to God. This technique is just long enough to soothe the reader into a quasi-meditative state and encourage the release of anxiety and negativity, so they have a chance to regroup and re-set emotionally.

The Intuitive Dance also discusses the power of sleep, a hot topic, while addressing the ability of “shifting thoughts," cutting cords, and protecting personal energy, all ancient practices employed in Eastern martial arts. Drenth is a well-qualified and experienced healer who has generously compiled this book for her readers to practice energy-healing techniques at home. Any reader will take away something from this smart, direct, and extremely helpful guide.

December 1, 2016
Reviewed by: 
Allyson Gracie