Chinese Astrology, Plain & Simple

Chinese Astrology, Plain & Simple

Jonathan Dee

$14.95 P, 9781571747594
Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads Plain & Simple series scores again with this well-organized, densely packed book of information about the Chinese astrology system.

The charts in the beginning pages make it seem oh-so-easy. Look up your year of birth and find your Chinese animal. Look up your Western zodiac sign and find your Chinese moon animal. Look up your time of birth and find your Chinese animal hour sign. Then there are the polarities. Dogs are yang. Pigs are yin. Next we add the element to the animal sign. The fire dog. The water pig. Starting to get confused? You won’t be if you read the book. It is clearly written with no extraneous commentary and organized to lead readers through the text easily and back and forth between related topics.

This book is a keeper for anyone who is not already an expert in Chinese astrology. Did you know that rats are charming and pigs are honest? Neither did I—until I read this book.

January 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski