English Houses: Inspirational Interiors From City Apartments to Country Manor Houses

English Houses

Ben Pentreath

$40.00 H, 9781849757539
Ryland Peters & Small

From a rooftop flat in Bloomsbury to a North Dorset Manor Farmhouse, this is a tour of English house interiors that takes into account the people who live in them. Unique, inventive, beautifully photographed, and, above all, personal, these interiors inspire creativity as they affirm individual spirit.

No big-name designers creating showcases in this one. It all looks livable, including the slipcovers that have clearly been laundered (which is the point of slipcovers). It all bespeaks an attention to detail without sacrificing inviting appeal. Aged woods, handmade tiles, and plaster-cast details are mixed with cozy colors and comfortable furniture to reflect a lifestyle that still includes things like a “winter sitting room.”

January 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski