EMDR and the Universal Healing Tao: An Energy Psychology Approach to Overcoming Emotional Trauma

EMDR and the Universal Healing Tao

Mantak Chia and Doug Hilton

$19.95 P, 9781620555514
Destiny Books

The rise of trauma-therapy modalities has brought special attention to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Doug Hilton, with two decades experience in counseling, is a proponent of the technique. When he shared the technique with Master Mantak Chia, Master Chia instantly recognized the value of EMDR and began to discuss ways to merge it with the energy practices of his Universal Healing Tao System. The results were spectacular.

Hilton begins the book by telling us how he discovered EMDR and explaining its practice and effects. He then puts that description into the context of mental health practice in our modern world. After explaining why many of us get stuck in negative emotions and addictions, he tells us how combining EMDR with Master Chia’s Chi Kung practices moves EMDR to even greater heights as a healing technique.

The last half of the book contains a well-edited and lucid overview of basic Chi Kung healing, followed by detailed instruction for executing The Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, and Six Healing Sounds exercises in conjunction with EMDR techniques.

Mantak Chia fans like me will find this an exciting new use of his energy practices. For those who are new to Master Chia’s Chi Kung teachings, a bit more effort will be required, but your customers will quickly find it is well worth the effort.

February 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski