Angels for Beginners: Understand and Connect With Divine Guides and Guardians

Angels for Beginners

Richard Webster

$14.99 P, 9780738751153
Llewellyn Publications

This book provides a thorough, enlightened, and very readable overview of angels as they have existed from ancient times until today. The concept has become blurred by media/commercial uses of the idea of angels, yet a long tradition exists to bring interested readers back to the core message established over time. There is a substantial bibliography at the end of the book for readers who wish to have even more background information.

For those who want to access angels for help and comfort, there is a quick reference guide to angels in Appendix B (following a review of angels in art, literature, and music in Appendix A). The book includes a chapter with techniques for connecting with angels and another chapter for working with those angels once you have connected with them.

Why are angels represented with wings? Do angels have emotions? How far back in history are angels recorded? What influence did Zoroastrianism have on angel ideology in Judeo-Christian philosophy? Which archangel is credited with teaching Muhammad the essentials of the Muslim faith? This book answers all those questions and much, much more.

Let customers know this is a don’t-miss opportunity to learn everything there currently is to know about angels and their interactions with humans.

March 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski