The World-Famous Cheese Shop Break-In

The World-Famous Cheese Shop Break-In

Sean Taylor, illustrated by Hannah Shaw

$17.99 H, 9781847804303
Frances Lincoln

Daddy Pops and his gang are determined to break into the stinky cheese shop, a small business in a row of small businesses on the block. Despite several master plans, it turns out to be more difficult than they originally believe. The story, brought to life by Shaw’s highly dynamic drawings, is an exercise in determination in the face of one failure after another. In the end they achieve their goal of getting the stinky cheese, but not in the way anyone expects. It’s a story of ingenuity, if not one based on admirable intentions.

Funny, intriguing, and ultimately a story about slightly misguided but loving family values, this is one the children in your life will want to read again and again.

March 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski