Life Unstyled: How to Embrace Imperfection and Create a Home You Love

Life Unstyled

Emily Henson

$29.95 H, 9781849757546
Ryland Peters & Small

Say goodbye to picture-perfect interiors created by teams of designers, photographers, and media stylists. A real home is a work in progress, full of imperfections and beloved objects that don’t go with the predominant décor. This author tells us clutter can be good and paint is our friend. Encouraging us to break the rules, she asks us to put creativity before consumption. She likes spaces that favor people and handmade objects and surrounding ourselves with things we like whether they go together or not.

For customers who are tired of feeling they should be living on a stage set, this is a perfect antidote. Real décor for real people living real lives. This one is empowering and full of good ideas for turning our messes into impressive environments with a personal air.

March 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski