Mindful Money

Mindful Money

Jonathan K. DeYoe

$15.95 P, 9781608684366
New World Library

We live in a world of illusions, especially when it comes to money. Buddhist practice asks us to “wipe the dust from the mirror.” Modern Western versions of that practice are commonly referred to as “mindfulness practice.” The highly sophisticated, psycho-spiritual principles at the foundation of those practices remain the same, and have increasing value in a world overrun with material concerns.

Most adults in our society are uncomfortable discussing money, and children pick up that association at an early age. This book blows the lid off it all and asks readers to see things as they really are. It directly confronts common illusions, such as “consumption is the key to happiness,” “the stock market is too risky,” and “popular media tells us the truth for our benefit.” It goes on to apply mindfulness techniques to money and its place in our lives.

Let your customers know that a thoughtful review of the ideas and exercises in this book will help them move beyond inherited bad financial habits; fear-based, media-generated trends; and financial planning driven by popular culture rather than our personal needs. By following DeYoe’s mindfulness-based steps, we can find our way to financial sanity, on our own terms and in a way that enhances our lives as well as our pocketbooks.

March 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski