Let’s Find Momo! A Hide-and-Seek Board Book

Let’s Find Momo!

Andrew Knapp

$9.99 H, 9781594749582
Quirk Books

Andrew Knapp’s quizzical little border collie, with his penchant for hide-and-seek, returns! This time he’s helping young children explore backyards, libraries, kitchens, farms, and more as he waits for them to discover him on each page. Additional objects are highlighted for the children to find, increasing their vocabulary as they thoroughly scour each spread for its secrets.

The sturdy, board-book format ensures the longevity of the book as it is used over and over by eager young hands. Momo’s engaging personality, coupled with Knapp’s subtle yet powerful real-world photography, makes this a highly creative learning tool as well as really fun entertainment.

April 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski