Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals

Animal Lessons

Danielle MacKinnon

$15.99 P, 9780738751351
Llewellyn Publications

Pets as therapists? Sounds a little over the top to you? This author not only makes a very strong case for just that but also offers readers an antidote for an increasingly angry and negative world-environment.

Most of your customers will pick up this book hoping to learn how to communicate with their pets, perhaps to get them to alter their behavior. What MacKinnon is espousing is learning to let our pets know what we need so they can help us alter our behavior.

Although she is a seasoned, intuitive animal communicator, she wrote this book to help people learn to interpret animal behavior and use it to make their own lives better. It is much more down to earth than most people will assume at first glance. It is, however, also a book that suggests animals, domesticated or wild, often also serve as our spiritual teachers—and not just totem/power animals that show up in our meditations.

This one is written from a new perspective and with a heartfelt appeal for humans to recognize the higher wisdom that animals are tuned into.

April 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski