Sacred Signs & Symbols: Awaken to the Messages & Synchronicities That Surround You

Sacred Signs & Symbols

Sherrie Dillard

$16.99 P, 9780738749686
Llewellyn Worldwide

Dillard has been aware of spirit beings most of her life. She learned early on to recognize the signs they send her and began seeking an understanding of the messages being communicated. Eventually, after studying many extant divination tools, she realized she was supposed to create a Living Oracle, and that is what she shares with readers in this book.

Why did that pigeon land on the bench you were sitting on this morning? Why did you find three shiny pennies on the sidewalk? Why did you get a flat tire on your way to that important appointment? Dillard tells readers there is often more behind these events than most people realize. Let your customers know that the way synchronicity works (and how they can maximize its benefits) is thoroughly explained within the pages of this book.

May 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski