Intuition on Demand: A Step-by-Step Guide to Powerful Intuition You Can Trust

Intuition on Demand

Lisa K

$15.99 P, 9781844097197
Findhorn Press

All things "psychic" are in increasing demand. More and more people are interested in intuitive abilities, and many of them are beginning to understand they already have those abilities within themselves. This expanding audience has started to spawn books that demystify innate right-brain, creative, intuitive functions. Lisa K has made a valuable contribution to that literature with this well-organized, clearly written, and thorough book. She writes from years of experience working with a large and diverse group of people. She has seen for herself that intuitive information can be acquired in a safe, accurate, and consistent manner. She includes metaphysical details for those who are interested, but readers who want to stay closer to their physical-world mindset will find she is sensitive to their needs, as well.

May 1, 2017
Reviewed by: 
Anna Jedrziewski