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Plan Your Work to Increase Sales

Marketing Mondays - Plan Your Work to Increase Sales

During a recent webinar, I listened as business owners discussed the value of social media in their respective businesses. Some agreed that blogging has waned but Facebook and Twitter have become very important revenue drivers. Others admitted that blogging is still strong, but they’re using other mechanisms to push customers to their site to read their blog, and inevitably, scan their offerings. Not one lamented at the time it took to do marketing in these ways because they understood that it’s part of doing business.

Managing Emails to Save Time

Marketing Mondays - Managing Emails to Save Time

Last week we covered time management and how time expert Laura Vanderkam, author of the best-selling 168 Hours recommends we track our time so we can make more time for ourselves. This month we’re going to cover one of our biggest time suckers: our email inbox.

Make Time for Time

Marketing Mondays - Make Time for Time

Ask any entrepreneur what they feel they need to become more successful, and while money is often cited, it’s actually time.


“Spam-spam-spam-spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam, spa-a-a-a-a-am!”
—Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Ubiquitous spam. It’s become an expected cost of online communication. No, I’m not talking about canned meat but, rather, the unwanted junk email which, thanks to sophisticated spam filtering, we seldom pay attention to nowadays. And, athough the term “spam” wasn’t used to describe junk email until the early 90s, spam has been around since the Internet’s formative years—the first spam email was reportedly sent in 1978!

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