Monthly Challenge: 3 New People Who Will Help Grow Your Business

Marketing Mondays - 3 New People Who Will Help Grow Your Business

We all get bogged down by the minutiae of running a business. Finding new products, managing employees, meeting with reps, and creating new displays leave precious little time for networking. But, this month’s challenge is just that: Identify three new people who can help you grow your business this year. Consider them your business coaches.

Build a Marketing Tribe

Marketing Mondays - Build a Marketing Tribe

As business owners, we know our close friends and those in the business are among the best to offer recommendations on everything from new trends to what marketing tactics really work. Informal networks are great, but I've found formal networks not only garner better results but new ideas and some accountability. This is why I'm a fan of creating or joining a network tribe.

So what exactly is a network tribe? It's the cross between a network and a tribe—basically, people who are there to support each other and want to see each other succeed.

LinkedIn Love for Indie Retailers and Wholesalers

Marketing Mondays - LinkedIn Love

Last week I shared the need to be present on social media if it’s part of your marketing strategy and to be responsive to customers and others who are trying to engage with your business. LinkedIn is one of those places that’s great to have a presence on, and you don’t need to manage it daily as you do Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.

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