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How to Write Compelling Email Subject Lines

Marketing Mondays - How to Write Compelling Email Subject Lines

What makes a person want to click open a marketing email? The answer? A compelling subject line! But, with people bombarded by email offers daily, how do you stand out? If you can’t get people to open your emails, they will never click through to your message.

Compelling subject lines grab readers’ attention, pique their curiosity, and insist they find out more. The following five subject-line types and examples are proven best performers. When used correctly, these will increase your open rates and, more importantly, your engagement rates.

Five ways to take care of yourself!

Owning a shop is a 24/7 gig. Your daily to-do list can seem endless when there’s no one else to answer that email, write those bills, place that urgent special order, and truly care about all of it. You end up not sleeping well, not getting enough exercise, skipping dinner, or missing your kid’s soccer game. Ironically, it’s all for the business you started because you thought working for yourself would be a cake walk.

Always "Be Prepared" for Holiday Sales

I was a girl scout for many years, an experience that gave me many fond memories and probably started me on my road to becoming an entrepreneur—I won the Cookie-Selling Award every year! The Girl Scout “Be Prepared” motto is explained in the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook: “A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency.” I believe this applies to all of us in retail, whether you were a Girl Scout or not. Do not put off holiday planning. It is never too early to “Be Prepared”!

Five Ways to GreenYour Store

Five ways to green your store.

You don’t have to specialize in eco-merchandise to have an eco-minded store. A few simple adjustments can result in a healthier environment for your staff and your customers, and actually save you money in the process. Some communities even have “green certification” programs, which offer businesses incentives for reducing their carbon footprint and marketing materials to promote their “green-ification.” Here are a few ideas you can implement right now to help you make every day Earth Day!

Take Care of Yourself (and Your Staff) and Carry on During the Holidays

Here we are again. The holidays are upon us and the crunch begins. No matter how much we plan, schedule, train, and prepare, life happens. Here are some practical suggestions for taking care of you, your most important asset, and your staff, who make it all happen.

Countdown to Calendar Sales

Many inspirational calendars are works of art that can be enjoyed every day of the year. The process of buying them is also a work of art—when done correctly. If you develop a plan of action for purchasing your calendars, you can expect better profit from these perennial good sellers. Here are 5 helpful tips I’ve learned from my calendar-buying experiences.

5 Savvy Tips to Boost Your Average Sale

Every customer who walks through your door is a spin of the roulette wheel. Left to their own devices, they could purchase $2 worth of incense, a $100 necklace, or just walk out. Here are some strategies that cost little or nothing but can stack the sales odds in your favor with every customer.

5 Tips When Bills Become Overwhelming

Does this sound familiar? You get into a protracted cash flow crunch, and the phone starts flying off the hook with incoming collection calls. You’re too busy trying to generate revenue to deal with angry collectors—and when you do talk to them, their threats and accusations leave you shaken.

When times are good, you don’t think about these possibilities, which is why you’re so unprepared when you get into a downturn. If I have to list the biggest mistakes I’ve seen good business people make when they get into financial trouble, they would be the following:

5 Trends to Watch in 2014

With tech improvements and innovations making headlines practically every day, trends have become nearly synonymous with technology. While we definitely are keeping our eyes focused on tech trends, a closer look reveals the trends we’re watching are really about improving the customer experience in some way, from making social connections with our customers to enhancing the way they shop to being the source of products that keep them grounded in a wired world.

Location, Location, Location

As we come out of this economic downturn, you may be contemplating a move or a second location for your business. Location is all-important, especially when it comes to retail, so choose carefully and start with these five key criteria to increase your chances of success:


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