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Make Your Store a Community Resource

Make Your Store a Community Resource

A lot of lip service is played these days to “being part of the community,” yet many independent retailers often don’t go beyond making a product donation to their little league’s fundraiser or participating in a group ad with neighboring businesses. Both of these actions are fine, but why not step it up and start presenting your business as the “go to” source for everything from unique gift ideas to what’s happening in your neighborhood?

2 Unexpected Ways to Build Community

Marketing Mondays - 2 Unexpected Ways to Build Community

What do a big city library and a real estate agent have in common with an indie retailer? Each provides a service, for one, but also, each helps build a community. How we build community helps build our brand and sets us apart in our customers’ eyes as not just another gift shop but “my local indie gift shop.”

This past month, two things caught my eye that I thought could work well in any retail setting, not only as a marketing approach but as a way to help build community. Could either of these work for you?

Return on Community Investment

Return on Community Investment

Your business is part of a community—geographically, socially, spiritually—and your success as an independent retailer depends on keeping that community engaged. Earning its admiration and loyalty takes more than social media posts and a great business plan. Today’s competition comes from every direction—other brick and mortars, online stores, Amazon, and more. What inspires people to shop with you and open their wallets a bit wider is challenging, but connecting with the causes they support is one way that pays off—for them, for the causes they support, and for you and your store.

Creating Your Own Awards Season

Marketing Mondays - Creating Your Own Awards Season

Do you know someone local who deserves recognition? Or, do you think you’re worthy of an award? Why not create an annual award and encourage submissions while also applying for awards you feel would bring attention to your business?

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