How to Market Your Fourth Quarter Events Like a Rock Star

Marketing Mondays - How to Market Your Fourth Quarter Events Like a Rock Star

Last week we covered how to get your events finalized and start to generate buzz via social media. This week we’re going to focus on how to best market your events.

Get the word out

As soon as you know what your event is and where and when it will take place, set up an Event Checklist and start promoting your event.

Communicate the following either via email, Facebook, or EventBrite (whatever your method of promoting the event and whatever is relevant to your event):

Refreshing Displays

Refreshing Displays

As indie shop owners and buyers, it’s part of your unwritten job description to bring creativity, inspiration, and innovation to your corner of the world. If customers didn’t want your unique offerings and lovely ambiance, they’d be hoofing it to the mall with the rest of the herd, or stockpiling double-wide shopping carts in a big-box store, or—dare I say—pointing and clicking to their heart’s content from their favorite armchair.

Match Game

You see it all the time at the grocery store: Instead of simply having a display of pumpkin pies, containers of whipped cream are placed among and around the pies, creating a need for both. If the whipped cream is shelved only in the dairy section, it might get overlooked or forgotten. Or you might see shampoo displayed with conditioner near the hairbrushes or a nylon “scrubbie” hanging beside body wash. The idea is to draw attention to related items and have the customer “cross over” and purchase additional merchandise. This is classic cross merchandising.

Shop Talk: Practical answers for tough business questions

Question: A friend of mine who has a similar store in a neighboring state recommended I purchase a line of bath-care products that were “flying” off her shelves. I did and was so excited, but they have only collected dust on my shelves! I made a major investment (for me) and now I’m not sure what to do.

Full-Spectrum Sales

Did you know that consumers make subconscious judgments about products within 90 seconds of first seeing them? As a retailer, this means you have a very small window to attract attention to your products. And 85% of consumers use color as a primary reason for making purchases, which makes color one of the best tools you can use to increase your sales.

Display on a Dime

Display on a Dime

Get out your toolbox—it’s time to create some new displays! This is a different kind of toolbox, one filled with thumbtacks, fabric, boxes for stacking, and ceiling clips, as well as odds and ends you can repurpose into some of the best displays in town. This toolbox may even be the larger, more coveted display closet where you keep such goodies as the four-foot glowing pumpkin or the wicker sleigh. Diligently, you’ve scoured the craft store clearance sections, yard sales, flea markets, store closing sales, and even may have trash-picked a piece or two.

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