Optimize Your Press Relations

Marketing Mondays - Optimize Your Press Relations

In last week’s Marketing Mondays post, we focused on what stories reporters are looking for and different ways to deliver that information to them. Now comes the harder part: finding out who to send your information to and convincing that person to respond to your story idea. Honestly, though, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. In reality, it’s like any other kind of relationship: You have something you’re excited about, and you want to share it with others because you think it will benefit them, too.

Dream Team

You have a successful retail store. You know your stuff, your customers love you, you run a tight ship. But when it’s time to stretch beyond your comfort zone, such as into highly technical matters of law, taxes, accounting, or other specialized fields, don’t go it alone. Some matters are best handled by outside experts—and if you find the right ones, they can become invaluable partners, helping you make sound decisions for your business.

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