How to Pitch to Holiday Gift-Guide Editors Like a PR Rock Star

Marketing Mondays - How to Pitch to Holiday Gift-Guide Editors Like a PR Rock Star

It’s holiday gift-guide season, and many long-lead magazines are already ramping up their gift-guide coverage. Some local and regional monthly magazines might still be seeking recommendations from independent retailers, but I’d focus on short-lead outlets such as weekly newspapers, television, radio, podcasts, and websites.

Into the Blogosphere

Marketing Mondays - Into the Blogosphere

Most print magazines, local newspapers, and television and radio news outlets have an online division where they share articles and news segments digitally, in addition to having many more stories available behind paywalls.

However, another important and equally influential form of media coverage that should be on your radar is blogs.

Meet the Press

Marketing Mondays - Meet the Press

Getting stories placed in local, regional, or national news media can introduce your business to a much wider audience, which can mean increased sales. Yet, many independent retailers shy away from pitching the media or sending out press releases because they’re intimidated by the process or feel it’s not worth the effort. Not only is it relatively easy to approach the media with your stories (and it only gets easier the more you do it), getting covered brings in new customers and shows existing customers you have something to say—and others think so, too.

Creating a Better World

If the body-mind-spirit industry relies on consumers being awake and aware, how can we reach more people and expand our market? One way is through organizations such as the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE,

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