Creative Merchandising: It’s New to You

Marketing Mondays - Creative Merchandising: It’s New to You

How do we keep up with creative merchandising when things are moving around so quickly?

Go Big or Go Home

Marketing Mondays - Go Big or Go Home

I’m a big proponent of offering something very large (physically) or very expensive in your gift and home shop at all times, but especially during the holiday season. Why? Because there are always customers looking for something very special, unique, and one-of-a-kind, even in shops that are focused on one-of-a-kind gifts.

At this late stage in the holiday season, though, how do you offer something big if you don’t already have it in stock?

Refreshing Displays

Refreshing Displays

As indie shop owners and buyers, it’s part of your unwritten job description to bring creativity, inspiration, and innovation to your corner of the world. If customers didn’t want your unique offerings and lovely ambiance, they’d be hoofing it to the mall with the rest of the herd, or stockpiling double-wide shopping carts in a big-box store, or—dare I say—pointing and clicking to their heart’s content from their favorite armchair.

What’s Your Merchandise Point of View?

What’s Your Merchandise Point of View?

No one walking into Walmart would mistake it for Target. You may be looking for a brand of paper towel or hair color found in either store, but you know which store you’re in the second the sliding doors open. You may think this is the result of layout and lighting (and to a point, it is), but mostly it’s due to their unique Merchandise Point of View.

Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits Bright

The all-important fourth quarter is not quite here, but most shoppers have already begun to look for holiday gifts and décor. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly one fifth of consumers begin their holiday shopping before October! Even if your store is proudly known as the antidote to commercialization and the last place you’d expect a deluge of red and green, you can still highlight your store as the destination to find truly unique and meaningful gifts for all the winter holidays and decorate in a way that highlights the festive energy of the season.

5 Savvy Tips to Boost Your Average Sale

Every customer who walks through your door is a spin of the roulette wheel. Left to their own devices, they could purchase $2 worth of incense, a $100 necklace, or just walk out. Here are some strategies that cost little or nothing but can stack the sales odds in your favor with every customer.

Shop Talk: Practical answers for tough business questions

Question: How long should we hold on to merchandise that isn’t selling before we mark it down? My husband never wants to mark anything down, but I’m concerned about inventory that just sits. What do you suggest?

Stocking for Success

Inventory management may seem like a dry subject, but for retailers, it can have a dramatic effect on profitability. A system that ensures you are carrying the right merchandise in the right quantity is an essential ingredient in a healthy bottom line. Too much inventory will tie up badly needed money while taking up valuable space on your shelves; too little inventory will eat away at your cash flow and disappoint customers you can’t afford to lose.

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