Rewrite Your Life: Discover Your Truth Through the Healing Power of Fiction

It was her husband’s suicide that caused Jessica Lourey to recognize that a standard
fiction writer’s tool is also a powerful transformative healing modality.
Transforming traumatic fact to fiction grants the writer perspective and an opportunity
to view events with more objectivity so that they can distill the therapeutic benefits
by reviewing the situation as a third person. In two perfectly-honed pages in the
Introduction which describe the immediate aftermath of her husband’s death, she

Becoming Unstoppable

More than a decade ago, Tama Kieves walked away from a profitable career as a Harvard-trained lawyer to follow the more uncertain path of author and speaker. She knew following her passion was the right thing to do, and she regrets nothing. She just wishes someone had warned her that embracing her true calling would make her miserable on occasion.

“Even with a calling, there are difficulties and challenges. So many people get thwacked while they’re following their passion,” Kieves says.

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