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How to Pitch to Holiday Gift-Guide Editors Like a PR Rock Star

Marketing Mondays - How to Pitch to Holiday Gift-Guide Editors Like a PR Rock Star

It’s holiday gift-guide season, and many long-lead magazines are already ramping up their gift-guide coverage. Some local and regional monthly magazines might still be seeking recommendations from independent retailers, but I’d focus on short-lead outlets such as weekly newspapers, television, radio, podcasts, and websites.

Optimize Your Press Relations

Marketing Mondays - Optimize Your Press Relations

In last week’s Marketing Mondays post, we focused on what stories reporters are looking for and different ways to deliver that information to them. Now comes the harder part: finding out who to send your information to and convincing that person to respond to your story idea. Honestly, though, this isn’t as hard as it sounds. In reality, it’s like any other kind of relationship: You have something you’re excited about, and you want to share it with others because you think it will benefit them, too.

Good Business

Good Business

Running an independent business is like having a child. The birthing process for a business is as strenuous as any labor I have experienced. Once born, a child requires 24/7 care, just as a business does. And like a business, while our day-to-day duties as parents change as the child matures, our responsibility is always there.

It’s often said about raising children that it takes a village. This is because a parent by him/herself can’t possibly know everything or have every answer. I believe the same holds true for your business.

Good Business

Good Business

Imagine if every month dozens, or perhaps even hundreds, more people found out about your store and products. What would that mean for your sales? Increasing the amount of people who know about you can happen without you ever leaving your computer. It’s all due to the prevalence of social media, a communication phenomenon that is here to stay and growing by leaps and bounds.

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