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World Buyers

Décor, Buddha, Journals, Lanterns, Jewelry, Scarves, Purses, Butterfly Garlands, Glass Trays, Mirrors, Photo Frames, Day of the Dead, Parasols, Driftwood, Light Strings, Cards, Chimes, Artworks, Tabletop, Vintage, Knobs, Antique Lighting

The most eclectic collection of wholesale gifts and home décor is online at WorldBuyers.com. Choose from over 50 categories and themes. We have something for every type of gift store, from traditional to contemporary, novelty, and everything in between ... read more


Recycled Textile Jewelry, Accessories, Metal Jewelry, Scarves, Handmade, Fair Trade

800-609-9303, www.worldfinds.com

Xeonix Divination

Pendulums, Scrying Mirrors, L-Rods, Chamber Pendulums, Cremation Pendants, Dowsing Charts

972-296-5999, www.xeonixinc.com

Yak & Yeti

Clothing, Bags, Hand Warmers, Statues, Singing Bowls, Scarves, Prayer Flags

866-525-5925, www.yaknyeti.net

Yolanda’s Spirit Drums

Native American, Drums, Music, DVDs, Sage, Supplies, Workshops, and More


Zen and Meow

Crystal Grid, Wood Engraving, Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, Wood Jewelry, Altar Pieces

717-451-9159, www.zenandmeow.com

The Zen Stone Garden

Graphite Sculpture, Wishing Stones

541-961-1285, www.kellybarker.com

Zoë + Piper

Yoga, Gemstone, Chakra, Lotus, Buddha, Mala, Jewelry, Artisan, Essential Oil

480-268-9518, www.zoeandpiper.com