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Almost 70 percent of American adults use social media. As of January 2020, Facebook was

Unless you’ve been hiding under an upturned cauldron somewhere, you might have noticed that witches

Until Spring of last year, not having an ecommerce store for your brick and mortar

Evelyn Mulders is the founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada, a senior faculty member

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The times they are a changing! But what else is new? Change seems to be

It is undeniable that the emotional, spiritual, and physical body plays an integral part in

Social media marketing is transforming the way brands, large and small, communicate with their customer

Are brick-and- mortar and online marketplaces virtually the same? Okay, so you’ve owned your brick-and-mortar shop

Back in my pre-gift shop owning days, I was a devoted holiday shopper. Indulging passionately

The cake was cut (one vegan and one traditional), the presents unwrapped, and the 30

As the Pandemic Lifts…Where Do We Go From Here? As the Pandemic enters its phases into

For many years I lived in ashrams, continually meditated and did other spiritual practices day

Unless you’ve been hiding under an upturned cauldron somewhere, you might have noticed that witches

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Forever And a Day New Age Emporium www.foreverandaday.biz 7830 Highway 92, Woodstock, GA 30189 (770) 516-6969   Owners: Michael

Cantus, the all-female vocal group/choir from Norway, have released earlier seven albums, yet their fame

Q: I want to revamp our tagline, but I have no clue where to start.

It’s a tall order to review such an intensely personal album, which is what Eternal

Jay Goltz admits he didn’t set out to become a shop owner like his father.

Where do you get your juice? Running a business can be a solitary venture with

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