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Holiday Shopping: How to Budget and Purchase for the Holidays

With all the economists, retail experts and futurists talking about the 2018 holiday season being driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence), apps, digital integration and an omni-presence of stores (your e-commerce and physical store being linked), there is one outstanding prediction that bodes well for the brick and mortar retailer:   “Shoppers will return to Main...CONTINUE READING

Eirlandia Jeff Jognson and Brian Dunning ArkMusic www.arkmusic.com Flutist Dunning and keyboardist/percussionist Johnson have been crafting sublime Celtic fusion music for a long time (since before 2000, I believe). Eirlandia (inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead’s Celtic fantasy book series of the same name) is one of their most sumptuous musical feasts yet, combining their considerable...CONTINUE READING