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Fair Trade, Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Jewelry, Home Accents, Recycled, Holiday
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Benjamin International

New Age Items, Jewelry, Tapestries, Candles, Inspirational Gifts, Incense, Meditation Pillows, Clothing, Accessories, Genuine Gemstones.

With over 6,000 products, we have a lot going on here at Benjamin International!
Some of the products are imported from around the world and some are designed and manufactured right here in the United State of America. In our many travels to exotic places like Nepal, Indonesia, and India, we take great care in selecting the finest and most meaningful products to bring back. Most of the products are handcrafted in emerging markets by artisans and are made with positive intentions, which are then delivered to your doorstep! Each traditional craft or product has its own special nuances and beauty. By carefully selecting who we import from, we are assisting in creating thriving markets in developing countries as well as supplying these unique pieces to our customers. Since we are exposed to so many innovative ideas and design motifs through our travels, we always return with the knowledge and inspiration to then apply to our own pieces. With the global exposure from various artists, we have created several lines of gift and jewelry items and manufacture these goods on American soils, promoting America’s economy and our own artisans.


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Bra, Comfort, Seamless, Supportive, Inexpensive.
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Handbags, Wallets, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Accessories, Cross Bodies, Gifts
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Hats, Men, Women, Kids, Fleece, Wool, Organic, Recycles, ScarvesRequest Information

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Fair Trade, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags, Cards, Home Decor, Meditation Gifts
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Organic Cotton Yoga Pants, Cotton Sports Bra
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Mugs, Headbands, Socks, Ceramics, Totes, Coin Purses, Zip IDs
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Jewelry, Tapestries, Yoga, Rasta, Sarongs, Hats, Belts, Headbands, Scarves
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Love Lingo

Positive Apparel and Accessories, Yoga Mats

Making the world a better more loving place is my mission. 3+ years ago I learned of a scientific study done on water and words. It took photos of water under a microscope to show the effect that words can have on the molecular structure of water. Positive words, positive effects on the structure, creating beautiful photos. Negative not beautiful! The human body consists of 60% water, since words effect water we need positive words on us!

Having personally witnessed the positive effects over the last 3 years. I am now sharing the greatness with the world with Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories. In 6 short months Love Lingo has become a movement in SW Wisconsin area and not just a business or product! Teachers are wearing them to school to make a positive influence on their students. Others wear to Yoga, meditation, work or even sleep. Become part of the movement, like, share, wear and sell Love Lingo. Shirts are printed front and back so surrounded by goodness!

All products are energetically cleansed with sea salt and Reiki enhanced.

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Tees, Tanks, Graphic Tees, Sweatshirts, Yoga, Custom Printing, Branded Tees
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Solmate Socks

Socks, Mismatched, Recycled, USA, Women, Men, Tween, Babies, Kids, Cotton

For over 17 years, Solmate Socks has been designing and knitting stunning mismatched socks, hats, scarves, and mittens.

Recognized for their ingenuity, Solmate Socks is a highly sought-after brand, known for its multi-patterned and colorful mismatched socks. These socks are a unique, top-quality, USA-made, and eco-friendly product—the kind of product that keeps customers happy and coming back for more.

In addition to being made in America, the socks are environmentally friendly and knit from recycled materials. The cotton yarn we use is upcycled from scraps from the production of cotton products (mainly t-shirts). Among the many benefits of using recycled yarns is that Solmate Socks decreases the amount of water, chemicals, and by-product wastes of manufacturing, reduces CO2 emissions, and helps to reduce the demand for new cotton crops. The recycled yarns are certified by Made in Green and Oeko-Tex; these certifications require that Solmate Socks’ materials are free from harmful substances and made with respect for the environment and for human rights.

Our Vision: Solmate Socks is proud to create a fun and whimsical product that is made in the USA with recycled yarns. We are committed to keeping the products eco friendly and American made, with a focus on developing fresh designs and products.

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Organic Clothing, Eco-Friendly, Cotton, Hemp, Recycled Fibers, Yoga Wear
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Music, Books, Clothing, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pants, Blouse, Meditation, Mantra
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Women’s Clothing, Dress, Tops, Pants, Onesie, Fanny Packs, Legwarmers, Armwarmers
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Clothing, Bags, Hand Warmers, Statues, Singing Bowls, Scarves, Prayer Flags
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