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Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Giftware, Wicca, Santeria, Statuary, Herbs, Smudge, Tarot
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Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs®

Wildcrafted, Organic Herbs, Resins, Sage, Smudging Herbs and Supplies, Shells, Salts, Candles, Incense Blends, Tumbled Stone, Pocket Full of Stones

Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs® offers quality products that are retail-ready in convenient sized, attractive, informative packaging, and are easy to display. Pair that with our excellent, friendly customer service and quick turn-around time, and you have found YOUR SOURCE for ceremonial herb products. It’s easy to get started with our products.

Don’t know what to order? Be sure to ask about our starter packs and free shipping details. We have no minimum order requirement, so small re-orders are no problem. To get started, simply go to our website and complete the New Account Information Form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Oils, Sprays, Essential, Fragrance, Chakra, Deity, Mystic, Metaphysical, Lavender, Smudge
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U.S Games Systems Inc.

Inspiration Decks, Tarot Decks, Playing Cards, Card Games, Oracle Decks

U.S Games Systems Inc. is celebrating its 50th year anniversary as the premier publisher of tarot, divination, oracle and inspiration decks. Rider-Waite® and Crowley Thoth continue to be among the most popular tarot decks in the world. Modern interpretations of these classic decks include the award-winning Chrysalis Tarot, Sun and Moon Tarot, Dreaming Way Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, Wonderland Tarot, Motherpeace Tarot, Marseilles-style Tarot de Maria Celia and Paulina Cassidy’s new animal themed Spiritsong Tarot. Visionary inspirational decks include Secrets of the Mystic Grove, Botanical inspirations, Mudras, Mystical Wisdom, and Buddhism Reading Cards. Yoga Cats, Yoga Dogs, Fairy Dust and Joyful Inspirations are just a few of our light-hearted offerings. From the whimsical to the elegant, U.S. Games Systems’ tarot decks showcase a wealth of creative talent.​

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Pendulums, Scrying Mirrors, L-Rods, Chamber Pendulums, Cremation Pendants, Dowsing Charts
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